10 Reasons to buy Montenegro Investment Passport

10 Reasons to buy Montenegro Citizenship

If you read this you are interested in our Montenegro citizenship program, but you are not yet sure whether you should opt for it? Here are ten good reasons why you should buy Montenegro citizenship.


These are some of the many benefits for our customers due to which we suggest the Citizenship program Montenegro:

  1. 1. You will have the right to work and live in the country, and citizenship is for life
  2. 2. Maximum time of processing application is half of the year
  3. 3. Visa-free travel to 123 territories, including the Switzerland and Singapore
  4. 4. Allowed dual citizenship
  5. 5. Residence in a legally, economically, and socially stable country
  6. 6. Low tax policy
  7. 7. The residency requirement is low
  8. 8. Previous management experience or education are not necessary
  9. 9. Beautiful country to reside in
  10. 10. Friendly weather conditions, mild winters, and fresh summers

On top of these attractive actualities, Montenegro offers low tax policy for established businesses and individual incomes. Montenegro was joined access program for EU and NATO membership, also they are a full member of UN and WTO organizations. Montenegro's economy is progressing to a market system. Since from 2015, 90% of Montenegrin state-owned companies have been privatized, like  100% of telecommunications, oil distribution, and banking. Tourism in Montenegro brings more than 20% of his GDP. Couple tourism complexes are in development coastwise. As well as tourism, agriculture, and energy are presenting two different pillars of the economy. Montenegro's hydropower used only on 20%. Montenegro plans energy delivery and connecting with underwater cable with Italy, they will hope to get it is objective.

And that's just eight reasons. We could give you a plethora of more reasons why buying Montenegro citizenship will be beneficial to you.