How to apply for Montenegron citizenship - Application and Due Diligence Process

Application process Montenegro Citizenship Program

How to apply for Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program

Every candidate can apply for Montenegro Citizenship Program if they are above 18 years, without a criminal record and have good health. A candidate may apply with his family and in rare cases grandparents or dependent elderly parents.

The process itself of applying for citizenship in Montenegro is strict and delicate care is required in collecting all needed information. Time for collecting and delivering applications can vary and it is difficult to predict, it commonly depends on the number of time applicants need to get all necessary documentation.

The procedure might be simplified into the accompanying advances:

  • • Application preparation and pre-approval by GCI - Global Citizenship Investment

  • Rendition of the application to the Government of Montenegro

  • The government will process the application and do a detailed check which can last between 4 - 6 months

  • Approval in principle.

  • Purchase of real estate, investment in a business or donation to the Government fund.

  • Citizenship certificate issued.

  • Passport application and issuance.

  • You are not alone in submitting the process for the Citizenship program Montenegro, our diligent consultants will guide you through them.

Investment Options for Montenegro Citizenship:

Condition to get passports for yourself and family, investors have to make an important economic contribution to the country (donation plus investment like previously listed). Permanent residence in the country is not required. Divestment of citizenship may come if the citizen does not spend at leastwise 5 days in the country during the period of five years after received citizenship, and they will not be qualified to the repayment of any investment, or purchase price made by them in their original submitter for citizenship. Moreover, divestment of citizenship will happen if registration as a citizen was received by false representation or deception or deliberate hiding of material facts or the submitter has been convicted in Montenegro of an act of treason or sedition.

The acquirement of Montenegro citizenship is not shared to other countries, as it falls inside the Government arrangements identifying with security/official insights.

GCI will help you to go faster through the registration process and can process all your orders beforehand. Your only obligation is to come and provide a fingerprint, as well as register. In Montenegro, we have the best quality lobbying services.


Then apply now.

Citizenship Application

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