Benefits of Montenegro Citizenship Program

Benefits of Montenegro second passport

Montenegro is extremely fascinating and one of the most popular destinations for tourists!

Montenegro citizenship visa free travel

Benefits of Montenegro citizenship

Advantages of Second Citizenship

Citizenship forever

Second citizenship is yours forever. For most programs, there is no necessity to show up actually while applying for citizenship, and, essentially, there is no commitment to living in the country.

Visa-Free Travel

Many people, due to the nature of their work, face the problem of limited movement and retention in certain countries of the world. As everyone knows, many countries are limited in terms of values and opportunities provided by their nationality and statehood.
Dual or other citizenship opens up and offers completely new opportunities to every individual and their families, starting from a free movement to business benefits in the country where another citizenship will be acquired.

Liberal Tax Regime governance support

Liberal tax regimes by acquiring another citizenship give you the opportunity to promote and preserve wealth. Each country has its own benefits in this regard.
In most cases, many governments and their official representatives with whom we have worked together have created connections with our clients and had heard about their work and personal needs in terms of mutual interests. The result of such cooperation was reflected in tax reliefs, creating a quality business environment for further development and investment, as well as exceptional incentives by the government of a particular country towards the client ...

Improving Your Lifestyle for Next Generations

Many clients had the pleasure of discovering new aspects by acquiring another citizenship, getting to know other cultures and their lifestyle and thus obtaining a vision of the future for themselves and their families.
That is why we decided to give each and every client the benefit of visiting a country where he can gain experience and directly feel the spirit of a particular country in which he wishes to acquire another nationality ... Of course, for more detailed information, GCI is always available for all types of consultations, even organization visits a specific country ... Of course, remember that one thing is to read and have an insight into the quality of life of one country over the internet, and the other thing is to visit that country personally to gain your own experience.

Assurance From Political Uncertainty

Unfortunately, political uncertainty and crisis are spread all over the world. Road instability of the political situation has an impact on the business environment, and it may have a consequence of the limited movement of individuals and their families and thus directly endanger the long-developed family business. Fortunately, one of the solutions is our programs of acquiring another citizenship, which makes these disadvantages change in only a few months.

Protecting Your Wealth

The world economy is changing, it has a lot of turbulence, so lately countries that have recently been considered as financial powers have encountered significant challenges. Such a global picture can quickly change and dramatically affect your wealth. Second citizenship means that your wealth is not limited to just one area, which allows you to explore new ways of doing business and have money-related freedom.

Generational Benefits

Second citizenship is not limited to you. A significant number of our areas offer citizenship to your family, including guardians, young people, and even grandchildren. Second citizenship allows you to pass on the wealth and provide a bright future for your family.

  • • As a country with ever-growing potential, it offers various beneficial investment opportunities.
  • • It is accepting dual citizenship.
  • • Has membership in CEFTA and SMWK.
  • • Joining candidate of the EU (satisfies the EU guidelines)
  • • It provides visa-free access to approximately 125 countries, including Japan, Schengen countries, eastern-European countries, and others.
  • • In the Visa Restriction Index, Montenegro's passport is number 41.
  • • Montenegro is a democratic, neutral and appreciated country in Europe.
  • • Residence with no prior conditions. 
  • • Montenegro has just a 10% income tax and no tax for wealth!
  • • Citizenship lasts for a lifetime, alongside residency.
  • • Family members can get citizenship.

On top of these attractive actualities, Montenegro offers low tax policy for established businesses and individual incomes. Montenegro was joined access program for EU and NATO membership, also they are a full member of UN and WTO organizations. Montenegro's economy is progressing to a market system. Since from 2015, 90% of Montenegrin state-owned companies have been privatized, like  100% of telecommunications, oil distribution, and banking. Tourism in Montenegro brings more than 20% of his GDP. Couple tourism complexes are in development coastwise. As well as tourism, agriculture, and energy are presenting two different pillars of the economy. Montenegro's hydropower used only on 20%. Montenegro plans energy delivery and connecting with underwater cable with Italy, they will hope to get it is objective.