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Welcome to the page for getting another citizen of GCI where you will meet experts in the area of ​​obtaining another citizenship. We are dealing with the whole process, provide consultations and spend time with our dear clients in finding the best solution for obtaining another citizenship. The satisfaction of working with can be confirmed by the experience of the numerous clients that we helped. Our projects are productive and unique, and unlike others, we approach each individual in a unique way in which every aspect of our client's needs is taken into account and directed to the best possible solution.
Regardless of whether you hope to explore the possibilities of opening up and expanding businesses - or to discover the benefits of visa-free travel or - which is most important - to secure your wealth for your descendants, our experts in this field have the enthusiasm and the highest quality information for acquiring adequate citizenship for you and your family. 

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Montenegro Citizenship

Montenegro Citizenship Benefits

Budva during the summer becomes the "capital" of Montenegro and without exaggeration, it can be said that the entertainment in this city never stops. In addition to the local population that has much to offer, anyone who comes on vacation usually enjoys food and drink.

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Montenegro Citizenship Costs

  • Donations in Government funds in the amount of 200 000 EUR (From January 2022.)


  • 15 000 EUR for single Government Application fee plus each member 10 000 EUR up to 4 members, each member more is an additional 50 000 EUR


  • 250 000 EUR investment in land in an undeveloped territory in the north of the country

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Where is Montenegro?

It is located in the southeastern shoreline of the Balkan Peninsula.
Montenegro is not only recognizable for its exceptional natural beauty, but is also known for its exciting nightlife. Thus, in every city, unforgettable parties are organized by young people from all over the world. If we were to write about only one city in Montenegro, the picture would be incomplete. In Montenegro, we will offer some extraordinary places that would definitely make a decision to apply for Montenegrin citizenship.

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Montenegro Impressions

In order to get a better impression of Montenegro, we would like to show you some impressions of this wonderful country.

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